Atricis FAQ

Atricis FAQ
What is Atricis: Awakening?
Atricis: Awakening is a paragraph/forum based roleplaying site based around the Dragonriders of Pern novels originally written by Anne McCaffrey. We are non-canon, set in an alternate timeline 9th Pass Pern, and we are a continuation of the original Atricis Weyr and Atricis: Resurrection. You may find more about us in our Information forum and Table of Contents, as well as more about current site events in our News Forum. If you are interested in joining and roleplaying here, you may find everything about our site rules and guidelines in the Site Rules & Guidelines page.

How do I register/activate my account on Atricis: Awakening?
To start the registration process, check out the registration page and fill it out. Once you submit it, you will need to activate your account. Account activation is e-mail based, and the site will send you an email to activate your account with. If you do not get your email in a few minutes, please check any spam and junk folders. We also suggest you whitelist emails from to receive any important emails. If you still haven't received your email, you can contact an admin either in the cbox at the bottom of the site, or at and we will help you get your issue resolved.

How is Atricis: Awakening rated?
Atricis: Awakening uses the RPG Rating site to try and give potential members an idea of what is allowed across the board. As it stands, our rating can be found on the main index. For more information about what that rating means, check the RPG Rating site.

How canon is Atricis: Awakening?
We are non-canon Alternate Timeline 9th Pass Pern. We are categorized as non-canon due to various things in our community, but it would be best to consider us non-canon with canon undertones. There are some pieces of canon we choose to follow, and some we don’t, and others are left up to the players themselves to play their preference. Some of our big non-canon things are non-traditional dragon, wher, and firelizard colors, unique pets made for Atricis: Awakening, a unique wher-like creature known as Daywhers, sea dragons known as Pearls, Locked Flights, a culture of Southern people who have lived there for generations, among a number of other things. You can find more in our Table of Contents

Does Atricis have any Activity Requirements?
You will never be expected to make X number of posts in X amount of time, and we do not require a minimum word count per post, but certain things such as Character Creation, Impression/Bonding, and being considered for any Clutcher will depend on activity to some degree. You can find out more information about these Here Overall though, we try to be flexible with our players, as we understand real life takes priority.

Does Atricis have Activity Checks?
Yes, as we feel they are a necessary part of keeping a roleplaying site organized and tidy. However, we generally only have two a year at most. Most often our activity checks take place once at the beginning of a new year. This first of the year activity check is our most intensive which involves a lot of list updating, moving inactive character profiles, as well as pruning out inactive accounts. The second activity check we do a year is generally held in June or July and is generally only for updating lists and/or moving inactive character profiles. So inactive accounts are only deleted once a year, and the staff makes sure to do what we can to let accounts up for deletion know beforehand if they want to protect their account.

What does "Major Dragonkin" and "Lesser Dragonkin" mean?
Due to how many dragonkin creatures we have on Atricis: Awakening, we felt it necessary to categorize them into two major groups. Major Dragonkin include all the larger, bondable, highly intelligent dragonkin: Dragons, Whers, Daywhers, and Pearls. Lesser Dragonkin is basically any dragonkin creature that isn't categorized as a Major Dragonkin. This includes: Firelizards, Starlizards, Gemlizards, etc.

Does Atricis have Sexuality Based Impressions?
No, Atricis does not have sexuality base impressions. We will never consider a character's sexuality in their Impression, and will look dominantly at their personality to match them up with the perfect dragon or other Major Dragonkin for them. What particularly helps in cases of characters who may have very rigid sexualities where Flights might cause problems, riders at Atricis Weyr have the options of Locked Flights and locking themselves away from the Flight if they so choose. So we don't feel that sexualities need or should be considered when Impressing.

Does Atricis have Gender Based Impressions?
Yes, but it is not the major factor. Only dragons have gender preferences for Impression, and over the years we have tried our best to adjust the way those preferences apply to be more inclusive of trans characters, with gender identity being what's considered rather than physical traits. Even then, gender actually is only a small factor when we consider Impressions, with personality of the character being most important of all. We feel that dragons care more for the mind of who they are bonding to, rather than the body, so we see it that dragonets look for personality types first, and gender identity second. Other Major Dragonkin do not Bond/Impress based on gender at all.

How often does Atricis have Hatchings?
Atricis has both PC and NPC hatching. NPC hatchings are essentially side hatchings where only NPC candidates Impress/Bond. PC Hatchings are the big events where PC characters have a chance to Impress. While it may vary, we often plan PC hatchings around every 3-5 months. Since we have a total four Major Dragonkin that all have hatching events, we have to make sure each dragonkin gets their time so that there aren't candidates sitting and waiting for hatchings forever but still give players with candidates plenty of time to play and establish their character before a hatching.

What does "Locked Flights" mean?
"Locked Flights" are named so for the act of locking one's door during a Flight. Brought on by IC events, riders at Atricis Weyr have developed "Locked Flights" and a system around them to try and protect people who might not want to participate in Flights in the traditional manner. "Locked Flights" refers to when the rider of the Rising female dragon locks their door against participating riders, but any dragon may still participate. However, this option is also available to riders of male dragons who may be Chasing. You can read a bit more about them and general Flights Here.

What do I need to know about Character Creation?
You can find all the details in the Character Creation Info.

What characters are most needed on Atricis?
We could almost always use more candidates for Dragons, Whers, Daywhers, or Pearls; and if you're new to the site or to Pern, candidacy is often the best place to start and learn the site through play. Established and experienced Riders, Wherhandlers, and Dayhandlers are also often desired as well of just about any color. More information on what we may need or is open for creation can be found in the Character Creation Info.

What is the Site Store?
The Site Store is a place where players can purchase all sorts of things from additional character slots, special character tokens, or abilities for their characters and dragonkin. There is a wide range of items to be found there, with new things being added from time to time.

How does the Ability System for characters work?
Abilities are skills, talents, and abilities that you can purchase from the Site Store to give to your characters and dragonkin. Many abilities give characters a boost in certain skills to make them more skilled than others in some respects. The Ability System, however, doesn't mean that your character always needs an ability for any skill, most abilities are a boost to character skills and talents. So you can have a character who is trained with a weapon without Weapons Student, for example, but a character with Weapons Student or Weapons Master will be more skilled with their weapon(s) of choice. Always feel free to ask questions if you are unsure.

How does the Marks (money) System on Atricis Work?
The Marks System is an extension called Caramel that was added to the board to let players earn marks through posting. These marks can be used to purchase things from the Site Store or things such as graphics from other players with shops. While posting is the main way to earn marks, we also hand out Monthly Marks Prizes to members who keep Marks Trackers each month. More information about Earning Marks and Marks trackers can be found Here.

My question wasn't listed here. What do I do?
You have a few options from here. You can go to the Questions forum to post your question for a staff member to see and answer, or you can post in the more private Ask the Staff if you are already a member of the site. The Questions forum is guest friendly as well, so if you aren't registered yet and have a question you didn't see here in the FAQ, please feel free to post your question there.