Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Atricis: Awakening. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Basic Site Rules

    1. Respect others... We want to be seen as a kind, fun community so please try to be respectful to everyone on the site. No picking fights with each other, please. We understand not everyone gets along, but try to remain respectful of one another. This goes for Staff members as well. If there are any problems we see, we will let you know and generally we try to be pretty patient, so long as it isn't a constant problem. Also, we ask that you not spoil Hatching posts in the Cbox. Let others have the fun of finding out that their character Impressed through actually reading the post. #
    2. No trolling, flaming, or bullying... Trolling is regarded as bullying and is never acceptable to us on Atricis. Flaming is also not acceptable, whether it be of this site or of another site. We do not condone bullying or unacceptable behavior. We understand that not everyone gets along, and we don't expect everyone to like each other, but we do expect you to coexist peacefully. The staff will take action as seen fit if you are caught trolling, flaming, or otherwise bullying anyone on this site, or show intent to do so. This includes if we are shown evidence you are bullying members of this site off the site, such as through private messengers. #
    3. Do not create multiple accounts... On Atricis, everyone makes one central account they play all their characters from. No one is allowed to create multiple accounts on the site, in part due to the possibility to cheat certain events, contests, and the generally unfair air multi-accounting creates. Members found using multiple accounts will have the second account deleted and lose anything that account had. Further measures or punishments may be taken on a case-by-case basis. If you are a returning member wondering about creating a new account for a fresh start, that is ok, so long as the original account is NOT being used as well. If returning on a new account please contact a staff member privately! The staff will not out your old account to the site, it will be kept private, but at least the Admins need to be aware so we do not mistake a return for multi-accounting or an attempt at avoiding consequences if it applies. #
    4. No Overly Explicit Content... Do not be overly vulgar, sexually explicit, or overly violent in your language or your RP and writing in the public forum or Cbox. This also includes linking to or outright posting pornographic images, videos, or writing. More in depth, explicit RP may be held in the Mature Forum, however that forum has its own rules. As a rule of thumb, if it is content that you feel needs a violence, sexual, or other mature content warning on it, then it should be placed within the mature forum. If you cannot, for whatever reason, have access to the Mature Forums it is no reason to disregard this rule. So if you cannot, or do not want to post in the Mature forum, please refrain from posting it in the public forum spaces. This also goes for explicit or vulgar language on the forums and in the Cbox. We are not totally against swearing, but be mindful of the frequency and specific language being used. #
    5. No Stealing... Do not steal artwork, characters, plots or anything else from anyone. This is mostly referring to taking it and trying to claim it as your own. Just don't do it. If you are going to use something from someone else, give them credit and/or get their permission. This includes taking things from this site. REMEMBER: Just because this is a fandom RP, doesn't mean that things beyond book canon are free game. Pern itself and its basics do not belong to us, but any original ideas and concepts always belong to the idea creator even on a fandom RP. Stealing will receive punishment as the staff sees fit on the second offense, the first offense will receive a harsh warning. #
    6. No Godmodding/Powerplaying... Godmodding or powerplaying is often defined as taking control of another player's character without permission for whatever reason. Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy their RP experience here, we greatly frown upon this, and the staff will correct you if you are seen doing so without the other player's permission. For more information about Godmodding, this article and this are both good reads to better understand it and why it is frowned upon. #
    7. Ask the Staff about Major Plots… Things such as finding a new creature, hatching eggs, finding eggs, or long term plots that affect a large group of characters or the Weyr as a whole such as political intrigue, widespread illnesses, or various other types of major plots. We like new plots. We love seeing members play out plots and even encourage member ideas and participation in site wide plots. The Administrators just need to be in the loop of the plot in order to ensure it is an acceptable plot for Atricis and that it runs smoothly. You can ask in the Ask the Staff forum. #
    8. Signatures & Post Graphics

      1. Signature Guidelines... Character profiles need to be linked in your signature. Signatures should not exceed 350 pixels (approximate) in height (visual example of 350 pixels). Scrollboxes are allowed in signatures to help put more in without exceeding the pixel limit, but the scrollbox must not be set higher than 350 pixels. You may format and decorate your signature, but links to your character profiles, and some important site links, should remain the focus. Signatures deemed overly decorated or too busy will be informed by the staff. #
      2. Post Banners/Headers... Post banners are commonly used, but are not necessary, they are just a fun extra people like to do. If using a post banner, your post banner must not exceed 250 pixels in height. If you are using a post banner image in addition to header formatting such as text, other images, links, and other such extras, the whole header together (banner image + other formatting) should not exceed 250 pixels in height (Visual example of 250 pixels). Scrollboxes are allowed in headers as well, but cannot exceed 250 pixels in height as well. #
      3. Post Footer... rules on post footer limitations are the same as for banners/headers. Please see above. #
      4. Post body formatting... Prettying up posts is fine, however, posts should not be made difficult to read when formatting is applied, or detract from the focus, which is the body text of the post. This also includes resizing text. Resizing text mildly in the body of a post is acceptable, but do not resize text to be smaller than the site's default. You may resize text smaller for things such as header, footer, or minor notes, but the body of a post should be no smaller than the site default. This is because smaller text is harder for more people to read. #
      5. Some Exceptions... Event threads, such as Hatchings, major group threads, character standalones, Mating threads, Gathers, and Plot threads may have a starting banner and formatting that exceeds the pixel limits as long as it stays within reason and is limited to the starting post of that thread. #
    9. Read the Rules If you are here, I'm sure you have read the Rules of the site. Thank you! Be sure you completely understand them before moving on to creating your character. Guidelines for character creation can be found >Here< You may also continue reading the rest of our guidelines below, though while we suggest to read at some point, it is optional reading and is not necessary to continue on with character creation. #
  2. Mchat & Discord Rules

    1. Bullying, discrimination, and trolling will not be tolerated... To ensure everyone is clear on this, bullying, discrimination of another for any reason, teasing, or other poor behavior toward another in the cbox is not going to be tolerated. This also includes any flaming or trash-talking of others or other sites in the cbox. We want the cbox to be a safe space for all and so bullies or trolls will not be permitted to chat in the cbox. #
    2. Be mindful of language... While we are ok with swearing and don't outright ban it from the chats, we do require members in the chats to be mindful of their language. Swearing is ok, but anything deemed excessive is not acceptable. Things deemed potentially excessive would be constant swearing, use of very strong language, or offensive language (such as f-bombs, sexually explicit language, discriminatory language, etc.). Warnings will be given first, but if the language doesn't stop after a warning is given, further action may be taken, such as temporary chat ban. Be aware some words have been outright banned from the discord chat, and posts containing those words will be auto-deleted. #
    3. Do not advertise... The cbox is not a space to advertise, whether it be other Pern sites, other RP sites, or anything else. Advertisements or posts the staff deem as advertisements in the cbox will be immediately deleted by the staff. There is a forum for advertising. #
    4. Do not post LOAs... Please do not post any LOAs (Leave of Absence) in the chats. It's likely the staff will not see them, and even if we do we may likely forget, so LOAs posted in the chats will not be upheld as a proper LOA. If you need to post one, please post it in the proper forum. #
    5. Avoid discussions on politics and religion... We ask this due to the sensitive nature of these topics, and the wide range of opinions on them as well. To help keep the cbox comfortable and a fun space for all, we ask if politics and religion are kept out of the chats. #
    6. No impersonating others... Impersonating another person on the site in the chats, or their character(s) isn't acceptable and is generally considered rude and at times malicious. This includes putting on an almost identical username to someone else or a username that you know would make people think you are someone else in order to pretend to be them for whatever reason. #
    7. Do not mini-mod the chats... "Mini-modding" or "backseat moderating" is when a non-staff member tries to tell another member they are doing something wrong in place of a staff member, which can include alerting them of rule breaking, off topic or inappropriate posts. While we understand this often happens because someone is trying to be helpful or keep someone from getting in trouble, these situations can easily get out of hand or even spread false information about rules or policies. If you want to alert someone to something they may be doing wrong, either contact a staff member privately through the PMs so we can handle it properly, or contact the person directly through the PMs as a fellow concerned member. Please refrain from calling out people publicly in the chat as this often embarrasses them and makes others uncomfortable. #
    8. If staff tell you to stop... STOP. While we reserve the right to tell people to drop a topic or take a topic to a more private venue for any reason, generally the staff will only ask people to stop if fights are happening, we feel that tensions are getting high in the chat, if someone is mini-modding, or someone is generally behaving poorly. However, when a staff member asks a discussion to stop or a member to stop, it needs to be dropped, otherwise the staff may temporarily ban you from the chat for 24 hours minimum. #
    9. If a discussion is making you uncomfortable... Please step out of the chat quietly, and contact a staff member. The staff will handle it and avoid any mini-modding or any fights from breaking out. However, keep in mind there is a difference between being deeply uncomfortable about something, and just not being interested in it, so try to keep that in mind. #
    10. No excessive complaining... We understand everybody has a bad day sometimes and everyone needs to vent sometimes. Venting a little bit in the mchat and Discord lounge is fine, however, excessive whining and complaining about personal life issues is not. While we all do care about each other, Atricis is a place for everyone to come and escape from the real world for a little bit. Excessive whining and complaining about personal problems can make others uncomfortable and keep them from enjoying these chat rooms the way they're intended to be enjoyed. If you feel another member is unloading too many of their personal issues in the mchat or Discord, please notify a member of staff discreetly and we will discreetly take care of the issue. We want everyone to have a fun time chatting. #
    11. Talking about other Weyrs & Sites... Is permitted in small amounts in the chats. The chats are intended for Atricis or general discussions, and if you wish to discuss a specific site with someone in detail, either take it to private messaging or take it to that site. If you want to discuss another non RP site (such as Neopets or Flight Rising for example) more thoroughly with everyone on Atricis, start a discussion thread in the chat forum or Discord nerd-out-zone channel. Mentions of other sites and Weyrs and brief conversations are ok though, so you won't be policed for short conversations or mentions. #
    12. No spoilers... While this generally means for IC things such as plots and hatchings, this also includes other things too. It's ok to talk about tv shows, movies, books, and other things in the chat, but try to keep in mind if others in the chat may or may not be where you are yet, especially if someone asks you to not mention any spoilers. #
  3. Atricis Character Creation & Activity

    1. To help make certain things regarding characters, particularly character creation and activity, more coherent than before, here is a sort of policy on it. Though perhaps "guidelines" would be a better definition. This is just intended to ensure that the staff and the members are all on the same page concerning this, and there are no surprises for players. #
    2. There are No Activity Requirements What we mean by "activity requirements" here, are rules that state you must have a character in at least one thread every x amount of weeks/months or there will be consequences. We will not have that here. We understand that character muses are finicky, and sometimes some characters talk more than others at different times. As well as real life getting in the way of things. We want to be lenient on our members so everyone can have a fun, leisurely time instead of making anyone feel pressured to post. The only exception to this are for players of Major Clutchers. #
    3. Only Take On What You Can Handle While there aren't going to be posting requirements for characters, we do want to make it clear that players are advised to only pick up as many characters as they can handle. What we mean by this is that however many characters you can handle at least posting semi-frequently (we use this term loosely) without getting horribly run down or burned out trying to keep up with them and their plots. Sometimes that number changes, and we understand that, we just want members to not overload themselves with threads all the time because of all the characters they have, and we also don't want to see characters created but never played because the player just doesn't have the muse for so many characters. #
    4. Character Creation Restriction While we will never take created characters from you for being unable to play them, the staff may temporarily barr you from creating new characters if it is suspected you are creating characters too impulsively. This also applies to when someone is creating characters almost one after another without taking a little while to settle with the ones they already have. We don't want to feel the need to do this and will try and be lenient, but be aware that this is a possibility. We love to see members create characters, but we also do need to offer some sort of order so that we don't frequently get characters created but never played. #
    5. Dropping Characters We are rather lenient around here on dropping characters, as we understand there are various reasons to drop characters. If you have characters you've stopped playing, you are totally allowed to NPC them, have them moved out of the Weyr, or kill them off, we just need you to send a PM to a staff member requesting so, so that we can take care of things on our end such as moving profiles and updating lists. In addition, this can also help you to get the temporary ban on character creation removed if it has been placed on you, so long as you aren't doing it frequently just to be allowed to make a new character on a whim. #
    6. Character Slots After the first four characters, the right to create a new character must be purchased from the Site Store. These are referred to as "character slots." However, the purchase of a character slot is for that individual character only. So if you purchase a character slot, use it, then get rid of that character (for whatever reason), you can't use the character slot purchased for that character, for a new character. It's best to think of Character Slots as one time use vouchers that you must first pay for. Once the voucher is used, there is no refund, and if you want another character, another voucher must be purchased and used. #
    7. Activity is Important for Clutchers We would like to make it clear that those who want Clutching Dragonkin do need to have a certain level of activity in order to be considered. A clutching dragonkin is a big deal, and we need to have the player around and active so we can plan Flights and Hatchings. We do like to spread clutchers out to players, however, because of their importance to future hatchings, and many holding automatic rank and importance in the Weyr, we do have to be careful with who we give these out to. Activity is the best way to prove yourself for a clutcher, but we also do expect a little more activity from those with clutchers than we do from those without. Dragonkin regarded as full clutchers include: Gold Dragons & Whers, Clutch-able Zultanites, Andalusite Whers, and Rose Day Whers. #
    8. Post-Hatching Activity & Hatchlings
      Failure to make at least 5 post-Impression posts (not including the Hatching itself or post-hatching feeding threads) and leaving or disappearing from the site will result in your hatchling being turned into an Adoptable This wasn't a decision made lightly, but it was something we felt necessary to try and mitigate situations of hatchlings being made and then never having a chance of receiving play because their player disappeared immediately after the hatching. So as long as you make your posts after the hatching, your hatchling remains yours! If not, then it will go to Adoptable status. If you return and your hatchling-turned-adoptable is still available, you may take them back to play them without applying for adoption however, Adoptables rules and requirements will apply (so you will have a higher number of posts and threads needed to make the hatchling permanent). If someone else adopted them though, then you will not be able to get your adoptable back, but your candidate can be stated to have stood at that hatching instead and they can remain a candidate to try again at Impressing. #
    9. When Returning From Inactivity

      1. Generally, players who return from inactivity may pick back up where they left off, or start fresh if they so choose. However, for players returning from prolonged inactivity may want to read this. While this was mainly put in so the staff can ensure consistency in how we handle these cases, this is also posted so that players are on the same page as the staff in the future about what to expect. "Prolonged Inactivity" here merely means being away from the site for a long time, anywhere from a few months to a year or longer. I would like to start off, however, with stating the staff doesn't intend on punishing those that may face small boughts of inactivity from time to time, or for longer periods of inactivity due to real world issues. We understand real life comes first and sometimes you can't juggle all your fun and hobbies when things come up. So please keep in mind none of what we will cover below are punishments, if anything they are merely guidelines the staff placed to keep things fair and consistent. One thing that always helps in inactivity cases are updates every now and then so the staff knows if you are still around and still hope to return. #
      2. When Returning from Prolonged Inactivity members are allowed to pick back up where they left off if they so choose. They will keep their post count, marks amount, and their past characters. If a member chooses to take back all of their old characters, then there will be a period before that member may make a new character, in order to show their potential level of activity before starting any new characters. If the member doesn't keep any of their old characters, or only keeps up to three, they are allowed to make a new character so long as their existing post count allows for it and any items needed are purchased. If they keep four or more, than a three week period takes affect before the member may create a new character. #
      3. When Returning from Prolonged Inactivity After Account Deletion members are agreeing to start over. While the staff doesn't delete accounts lightly or very frequently, we do occasionally clear out inactive accounts in order to keep a relatively accurate active member count. If you account gets deleted and you choose to return, you will, unfortunately, have to start over. Old characters may be reclaimed, but character limits, post count, and marks start over to the beginner amounts. Character allotments have to be earned again through post count. However, as stated we do not delete accounts lightly, and do our best to ensure anyone wishing to keep their account is aware of any account cleanup beforehand so their account can be saved and they may return with their original account. This isn't to punish those who may wind up with a deleted account, if anything this is because the staff cannot keep track of every member and every mark and post count each member has. #
      4. When Returning from Prolonged Inactivity with a Clutcher members have two options in the beginning. The clutcher may not be reclaimed right away if the player wishes them to remain a clutcher. The right to their clutcher can be earned through activity of course. However, if a member wishes to bring that pair back right away anyways, then their clutcher will be made sterile IC and no longer clutch. This is the same regardless if an account was deleted or not, as we need our clutching dragonkin to be active as they are important for clutches and sometimes for plots as well. However, during the period before the clutcher can be reclaimed, they can be an NPC at the Weyr until the player has earned back the right to reclaim with through activity. #
  4. Tips to Happy Roleplaying

    1. Atricis' staff understands that different sites do things differently, and expect different things out of their members as well. We also understand that some people might be new to forum roleplaying or unsure of the unspoken etiquette rules of roleplaying with others here. Because of that, we are going to make these unspoken "rules" and make them spoken by putting up a list of guidelines to help everyone out. These aren't downright rules, but guidelines that should be taken into account for happy roleplaying. We may add and edit things here as they are needed. #
    2. Be Aware of Our Accepted Canon Pern, like most fandom based roleplaying, has accepted canon for each site, and while we do categorize as non-canon, that doesn't mean we do away with all the canon of Pern altogether. We are non-canon with a tactful canon aftertaste, so to speak. If you are unsure of our canon on anything, you may look through our information, or feel more than free to ask questions to learn more from the staff or the other members. #
    3. Be Aware of In-Character History We by no means expect anyone to be completely versed in our site's history. We have been around for a long time, and therefore, we have a lot of history. We merely just want members to be aware that there is history for this site IC and to reference it as needed. To make it as easy as possible, we do have an Overall History thread that covers everything from the site's inception to now. We try to keep it easy, concise, and up to date. Because there is so much history, don't be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about certain things. #
    4. Not Everyone Gets Along This goes for both IC (in-character) and OOC (out-of-character). In real life, not everyone gets along or likes each other, and the same goes for characters in Roleplaying. What we are trying to say here is that not all characters are going to get along, and that is ok, but we want players to keep in mind that just because someone's character doesn't like your character, that it isn't a personal attack on you, just that character's opinions. In fact, the actions or opinions of characters generally isn't a reflection of the player's feelings, and generally shouldn't be an intentional reflection of the player's feelings. This also means you shouldn't use your character as a way to intentionally attack or offend another player either. #
    5. Regarding In-Character Children It is not uncommon for players here to plan out children between their characters, and in fact, if that's what you like to do, we encourage it. Oftentimes, it is fun to have characters have children together and to plan those children. However, it is proper etiquette to include the other player in on planning and involvement with the child between your character and theirs. It's better to think of children characters as joint characters between you and another player. The only time it is ok to treat a child between two player characters as solely yours is if it was decided to be that way by both of the involved players. So refusing to include the other player or ignoring them on the topic of children characters between your character and theirs is not ok. If you want a child for your character but want that child to be solely yours, we suggest using a temporary NPC for the other parent of your child character. #
    6. Demanding, Pressuring, or Nagging others It's generally frowned upon to frequently bother someone for threads, posts, or plots. Now, we aren't saying you can't request threads or politely make sure you weren't forgotten, we encourage people to communicate with each other. What we mean here is demanding, or even, nagging. You know, requesting the same person for threads on a very frequent basis even after they have shown very little interest in it. Not everyone is going to want to thread with everyone's characters, this is a truth, but it's also not an insult to you or them, just a part of forum roleplaying. And even if this isn't the case of why someone isn't accepting your requests, it isn't polite to continually bother threads from someone or nag them for posts either. A great way to get threads is to post up a thread in our Member Plots forum. We also have an Open Thread Advert section if you want to either look that over for any available threads or post up your own open thread advert. #
    7. Be a Good Sport Overall, be a good sport. This applies a lot to Flights, Hatchings, Threadfalls and even some site Plots mostly. Not everyone is going to win a Flight or Impress at a Hatching or even have an outcome to the Threadfall or Plot you wanted. So try and be a good sport about it. One way to do this is to avoid whining in the cbox about it. It's ok to mention it, maybe be disappointed, but outright complaining or whining is not very good sportsmanship and also brings a lot of other people down. This is something that's supposed to be fun for everyone, so keep that in mind that this is a game and be a good sport. #
    8. Ask Questions! Finally, never be afraid to ask questions. If you are unsure of something, ask away. The staff here is more than happy to answer your questions, as are some of our members as well. #