The World of Pern

From the Southern Territories, to the Wilds, to the Northern Continent. Here lies the rest of the world outside of the Weyr, where so much can happen.
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  • Southern Seahold
    New Atricis' first allied Hold, Serafei's sister Hold that begun construction shortly after New Atricis was complete. The Hold was completed in the winter of turn 2036 and began establishing its trade route to the North and helping to supply Atricis in return for protection.
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  • Amaryllis Hold
    New Atricis' second allied Hold, Amaryllis Hold was established dominantly with the help of Walled Hold. Because of this Amaryllis Hold is inhabited dominantly by Southernborn and is run by the Lady Carmella. It was established near the end of 2037 and New Atricis has Search rights here.
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  • Evanoria Weyrhold
    Established by Atrician Bronzerider Ar'vis, Evanoria Weyrhold is one of the newest establishments in the South, but that doesn't mean it is without strength. An ally with Atricis, Evanoria Weyrhold houses dragons and holdfolk alike, making it one of the few territories outside of New Atricis Weyr to house dragons.
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  • Walled Hold Lands
    The vast territory that belongs to the Southern people of Walled Hold. A fishing village also exists within this territory. Between the two settlements the people aren't very large in number, but they are filled with pride and strength.
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  • Ivory Tower Weyrhold
    Ivory Tower is one of two locations to take on the name Weyrhold. Established in turn ????, Ivory Tower Weyrhold is a bit more Weyr than Hold, but manages to do both well due to the ability to not fly Thread as often. They are made mostly up of Istan Riders that left Ista Weyr after they could no longer take the oppression the non-traditional dragons and riders received, making Ivory Tower's dragon population relatively higher in non-traditional colors. Over the turns, they have grown to focus on livestock and herding, living in plains perfect for grazing beasts.
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  • The Wilds
    Everywhere else in the South that has yet to be staked out by someone. Many creatures both familiar and strange live in the dense forests and high grasses and mountains of these untamed lands. Watch your back when you dare to explore the wilds.
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  • The Land of Northern Pern
    All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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