The Angered Ocean

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Two sevendays before Atricis' 52nd Dragon Hatching – Related to A Sailor, The High Seas, and... Sea Monsters?

The sailor's tale of the ship that bested one of those foul, dangerous serpents found in the South spread, first through Southern Seahold, and soon elsewhere as people trickled in and out of there, spreading the story. Some versions changed some of the story, embellishing the truth to make the ship's endeavors all the more heroic, while some people wrote it off as nothing more than a sailor's tall tale while at sea, or perhaps even sea madness at play. Either way, the story spread, and before long, many knew of it, whether they believed it or not.

The seas to the South, however, became treacherous, even more than they ever had been before. Instead of unpredictable storms or unseen sandbars that had been the bane of ships in the past, a new threat surfaced with vengeance. Another ship was supposedly attacked like the first sevendays before, and they too supposedly felled one of the serpents, but hadn't been able to take it as a trophy as the body was swept away in the water too fast to claim.

Some began to wonder if the seas were really as safe as they thought in the South. If perhaps sailing too and from the South should be postponed. Only some wondered this, others kept their ship schedules and continued to ferry people and goods back and forth to make their livings.

One particular ship was making their way from Southern Seahold. The coast had disappeared hours ago, but the humidity of the Southern Summer clung to them desperately. The sailors couldn't wait to return to the more mild summer of the North. It was all sails ahead, the wind was good, and the skies clear. They could make it to their destination without any incident it seemed.

Suddenly, the ship began to rock, and sailors came to the deck to see what was going on. If it was a sudden storm they would have to prepare the ship quickly to ride it out, but the sky was just as clear and blue as before, only some benign white clouds dotting the sky and sun. The ship rocked though, and a look over the rails showed the waters strangely choppy for such a mild day. There was no wind or storm to be causing it.

Then there was a loud booming slam against the ship, and someone cried out in shock and fear as the ship lurched. Quickly, everyone ran over, and many got there just in time to see the glimmer of a long serpentine body break above the water near the ship before disappearing into the ocean again.

Instantly calls about a sea serpent rang out, that they were being attacked now and something had to be done. Men scrambled about the ship to get weapons to fend the beast off with, but as they did there was more slamming into the ship, tilting it dangerously one way and making the wood creak and pop in ways that was never good to hear.

Spears and harpoons were thrown, but many missed and those that hit their mark didn't do enough damage to even slow the creature. The hits were focused, more slamming into the same spot in the ship until a hole was punched into the hull. The ship began to take on water, and while half the crew scrambled to take care of that, the serpent continued about its fight, ignoring many of the thrown weapons, or swimming out of the way of the worst of the volleys.

The hole in the hull was widened by another couple strikes from the beast, and the ship began to sink from taking on water. As the ship lowered in the water, the serpent lunged out of the water. Silvery gray hide glittered in the sunlight before the beast's body lammed into the deck of the ship. Crew began to try to attack the body, but it only slithered forward, the head disappearing down the other side of the ship and back into the water. They thought they were chasing it off, but soon, loud creaking and splitting of wood showed that was not the case.

The large serpent, longer than they had imagined, had wrapped around the ship now, and between the weakened hull and its powerful, large body, the ship split and cracked in two. Men fell into the water, dragged down with their ship as the serpentine body at last let go of the wreckage of the ship. No one would be there in time to catch any survivors, and the Northern port waiting for the ship would never see them. Several days after their scheduled arrival, word would go out about the missing ship, and only a sevenday after that, more ships would begin to disappear at sea one by one.
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