Time for Action

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Set three months after the happenings of The Angered Ocean

"What do you mean it still hasn't arrived?" Weyrwoman Litia of Ista Weyr asked curiously and with irritation as she grabbed the missive from the runner. The young man stammered a bit, not sure at all how to answer that. He was only the messenger. Litia waved him off. "Oh never mind. I'll figure this out myself." She shooed him off and went back to reading the missive. The ship we have been expecting from Southern Seahold is now over two weeks late with no signs of it showing. We are beginning to think the worst. She may have gone down in a squall. Considering the cargo the ship was carrying was for the benefit of hold and weyr, I am imploring you to send out a few riders to search the seas for wreckage. If they have gone down it can't be terribly far off shore. Litia huffed as she read it again and then went about writing a response.

  • Dearest Master Fisherman,

    It would be my pleasure and honor to send a few of my capable riders on search for the missing ship. After this long with no word from either them or from Southern Seahold it can only be concluded that something tragic has happened. I would be remiss if I did not offer what help I can give on the chance there are survivors clinging to what wreckage there was left. I will be sending two of them out early tomorrow morning. When they return with their find I will have a senior weyrling personally bring you the report.

    Weyrwoman Litia of Ista Weyr
The letter was sent and the next morning Bluerider O'sin and Greenrider Tra'es set out to search the northern seas for the ship that had gone down. It had been several candlemarks since they were out on the seas combing the choppy waves for signs of life or wreckage and so far they had yet to find anything of importance. "We're going to have to head back in soon. The dragons won't be able to keep flying too much longer and we need to keep in mind getting back." O'sin stated through his blue. "This is a waste of time. I say we call it and head back in now. If the ship went down out here it all must be at the bottom of the ocean by now." Tra'es answered back. "Let's head a little northeast then as we head back. Might be something we over looked." O'sin suggested, not wanting to not be able to say they did their absolute best. The two headed in that direction unaware of the shadow in the water following them.

Ten minutes had passed at most before O'sin's Clinaith bugled out he had spotted something. Four sets of eyes turned downwards to see the tell tale signs of a shipwreck. Wood, barrels, and other flotsam and jetsam floated about in the choppy water. "Guess that is that then, isn't it? Best we return to the weyr and let them know." Tra'es stated as his green warbled in agreement. Kiiath's wings were getting tired. "Hang on, I'm going to get a closer look to make sure there aren't any survivors." O'sin said as Clinaith reeled down closer to the ocean. Tra'es and Kiiath stayed hovering above them.

Before either O'sin or Clinaith could warn the pair...the shadow that had silently been following them burst forth out of the water. It's body glistening with the diamonds of many drops of water against it's colorful hide. Kiiath bugled in warning, but it was too late. They watched in horror as O'sin and Clinaith was grabbed in powerful jaws and then dragged down into the water, both of them struggle on in terror and pain as they disappear under the water, ichor and bubbles rise to the surface. In the next moment, another creature is launched out of the water towards them. Kiiath managed to beat her wings hard and fast and avoided getting grabbed, but the creatures teeth did managed to rake down her tail. Crying out in pain she flew away from the scene as fast as possible. Though panicked, Tra'es managed to give Kiiath coordinates to get back to the weyr.

While Tra'es and Kiiath would live from their experience...the trauma of seeing it happened would forever haunt them both. The rumor of sea monsters that had been trading back and fourth between shipping lanes had died in the last three months, therefore people had begun to forget they had ever happened. Apparently they should have taken such rumors more seriously. Another ship was lost with all her men and now a rider and his dragon had been killed. Action needed to be taken. Weyrwoman Litia began to send word then to all those that could be affected by an attack at sea. If these creatures were not a rumor...which the images taken from Kiiath's head could not be faked.

Action had to be taken before more lives were lost.
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