PLOT: Rediscovery

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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It had been months upon months since the devastating last encounter with the sea serpents. Two lives had forever been changed that day for the worst, forced to live with half their souls, but the entirety of Pern was affected as well. The attacks by the so-called monsters was nothing more than a horrible miscommunication which had lead to deaths on both's side. Now that each side knew that neither truly wished to cause harm or worse...war...the waters had calmed once more. Disappointingly, however, the creatures whom appeared to be a kin of the dragons themselves had disappeared. Searches were sent out by air and by ship, but there was no luck in finding the mysterious creatures. Not even the dolphins in their mastery of the oceans knew where they had gone.

The word had been put out as fast as possible from Atricis to all the major holds and weyrs about what had been learned about the creatures. The sad encounter with the adult and the more informational encounter with the young ones. All captains were told to not attack the creatures if they were seen, though of course they were allowed to defend themselves if necessary. More wings of dragons were sent with fleets in the hopes of finding the sea serpents again so that a peace treaty could be made and apologies could be expressed. If they could impress, and by judge of the one sailor boy they did as strong as dragons, then surely the dragons could speak with them.

It was a beautiful clear day when a smaller sized fishing vessel was returning to port with their haul. The ship sat low in the water with as much fish as they'd gotten and all were in good moods. Hundreds of dragonlengths from the port of Southern Seahold still, a dark shadow slipped through the water towards the boat. A shout was given from the crow's nest and all rushed to the side to see for themselves. Spears were held cautiously...just in case. In a spray of sea water a large, dark, shimmery head rose up and whirling multifaceted eyes looked at the people who now stared with wonder and trepidation. We have a message for the alpha of the flying glint. My alpha wants to meet with him and talk. It is time to put the blood shed behind us. The alpha of the flying glint is to meet my alpha and one of his strikes here when both the moons are next full. The sea serpent sent to the minds of all the sailors an image of a cove not too far from Southern. Then, he was gone back into the depths of the water.

It took until the ship had pulled into port before any of them figured out what the creature meant by 'leader of the flying glint', but it had to be only one thing....the weyr. Once the captain had his boat and crew situated he sent a message to the Lord Holder who then sent the message to New Atricis's Weyrwoman. A sense of excitement was in the air around the docks and in the hold itself. What would this mean for their future?
It wasn't as if things were calm at the weyr already when the message from the sea serpents came to the Leadership. Paiseantath had to prove again that a queen really did do what she wanted and had picked a blue for her mate. Some were apalled, some didn't care, and some saw it as progression. Eavan honestly didn't care about the color of his dragon's hide, all she worried about was if X'aden was competant and so far he did seem to be that. However, between the ruffled feathers her gold had caused and the news coming out of Walled Hold, the message delivered from Southern Seahold was a welcome distraction. Eavan had informed X'aden and then their respective seconds. The four of them would attend the meeting with the serpents.

The day finally came and the Leadership of Atricis with a few selected wingriders converged on the meeting spot. Eavan, Safryn, X'aden, and Ay'li had discussed how the meeting would go considering they would have to go out into the water to speak with them. Paiseantath really didn't want Eavan to get out there with the unknown creatures without her, but before getting there Eavan had told her there was no other way. How wrong they were. Upon arriving at the cove Eavan expected to see the creatures waiting for them out to sea. Instead they were greeted by creatures comparable to the size of dragons resting on the shore. While they most certainly were serpentine in shape, apparently they were not solely water dwellers and could come up to the shore with what appeared to be very short legs.

Thank you for your timely arrival. I am Titenvis, alpha pearl of the Deep Ones glint. I believe it is time we speak face to face. The largest of the creatures spoke to all of them. His black hide glistened with gold. Like with all other conversation with the creatures it seemed as if they really had to project themselves to get their words through perfectly. Paiseantath landed, but Eavan stayed mounted on her beast. "It is a pleasure to finally and truly meet you, Titenvis. I am Senior Weyrwoman Eavan, rider of Gold Paiseantath. We agree. It is time for us to bring peace to our species."
Several hours passed as the creatures, now known to be pearls, spoke with not just the leaders but to all who had come to the meeting. The disappearance of the pearls after the attack was explained. They had gone back to their home, where Eavan could only guess was somewhere to the east, and discussed what was to be done about the scenario. Once decisions had been made, then Titenvis had sent his messenger to find a ship and get a message to the flying glint, which the pearls now knew as a flight of dragons. It was obvious there was much to learn for each other and the prospect of doing so seemed to make the, as Titenvis called them, strike of pearls as excited as it made the leaders and riders of Atricis. It was decided then that a feast should be held, near the shore of course, where more of the Pearls and the people of Pern could come and mingle among each other. There were serious wounds to be healed, but both parties obviously wished for that. Plans would be made and a date set for the Feast. For now the two groups went back to their homes to begin the process of healing.
We're sorry that this plot sort of got held up. We're really, really, really wanting those templates to show you guys before we do too much and especially before we declare a hatching is going to happen, but we didn't want to leave you hanging either. So...within the next few weeks (a date will be posted in the Announcement thread by the end of this week) a feast is going to be held for ALL, I repeat ALL, characters from any sort of background or location to come and meet the pearls and have a good time. The staff will be using NPC pearls to interact with those that want to talk to them, so now would be a great time to get those pearlie candidates going. Thank you all for your patiences.
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