In the Early Hours of Benden - Standalone

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Thu Dec 13, 2018 9:18 pm

Season - Early Summer
Time - Late Night
Locations - Benden Weyr | Weyrleader's Quarters

Warning for Violence

Weyrleader Miral and Zultanite Dragon Myrath

In soundless repose, Irali rested in her mother's bed.

With the girl bundled in the plush furs, and her crown that of the moon hued firelizard curled about her red head, Miral sat by the hearth, reading over the reports gathered over the day. Transfers, injuries, recoveries, requests, punishments... each and every one she read thoroughly, glossing the text all the while. Yet between the leaves she flipped through, the mother spared glances to her daughter, and smiled softly at the sight of her ginger locks illuminated by the tongues of flame. It brought out the golds and oranges of her hair, tones Miral once possessed in her youth, though age robbed her of such illustrious hues. At least they still thrived in her daughter's own feather soften tresses.

Miral braided them just before her daughter had gone to bed. It was a routine established during Irali's early youth, and even in her candidacy, Irali enjoyed the habit. When her mother was not present, Miral knew the girl wove the locks herself, though the mother was always pleased when given the opportunity to do the task for her daughter. It reminded her of her daughter's childhood, when the vivacious and loving child roamed the weyr, dreaming of impression and life as a dragonrider.

Now, her daughter bore the rank candidate, committing to the dream she made for herself turns ago.

Even as the child slept, Miral could not stop the overflow of pride for her daughter from sweeping her thoughts away. She leaned back into her seat as she watched Irali, wondering what the girl might someday Impress too, and where her dreams might take it.

I'm so proud of her Myrath, she reached out to the zultanite.

He crooned back to his lifemate. As am I.

Miral forced herself to return to work, though the hours grew late. Once the fire died in the hearth, the Weyrleader conceded to the fact it was time to go to sleep. Already the rest world lay dormant around her. Now it was time she joined them. To the bathing room she entered, changing into a light tunic and braiding her own braids to secure her locks. Once she washed her face and moisturised, she walked back into her living room.

Even in the darkness, the glows offered just enough light to outline the silhouette of an intruder.

Miral froze in her step, but already she had been spotted by the man. Before he could flee, Miral bolted after him, tackling the man to the ground, grabbing out at shadow to find his tunic, his throat so she could strangle him as he fought her.

But the shrieks in the other room spoke of a second, one near her own daughter in the bedroom.

MYRATH!!!! Her mind bellowed as she struggled with the man. Her dragon roused from sleep and roared out at the attackers.

Yet his calls were not the only ones to piece the air, and lace her mind. Another dragon bellowed, making the unmistakable keel of death. Sorrow laced the woman as she continued to struggle with the man, fighting the dagger he unsheathed as the tears of loss stung her eyes. Miral caught the blade before he could plunge the blade into her belly.

"Mama!!!" she heard her daughter scream over her firelizard's shrieks, a man's protests, and Myrath's cries.

But zultaniterider had to fight to survive in order to protect her daughter. She prayed Irali's firelizard would keep her daughter safe as she fought her assailant. The blade danced between them, turning from one to the other. Though Miral might lack the man's strength, she was filled with adrenaline, and lost all care to fight clean. She kneed the man in the loins, once, twice... he grunted and growled against her attempts, tried to pin her that much more, but the blade began to give in his hand, turning on him, aiming for his throat.

Miral roared out as she reached into that final reserve of strength and thrust the blade up into base of his neck. The blood spurt hot across her skin. She spit the iron taste out of her mouth as she pushed the man off her... taking the blade with her as he gasped for life with hands clutched around neck.

Towards the bedroom she ran. When she reached the doorway, she spotted the glow basket knocked over while Irali hid in a corner with her firelizard tearing at the man's face. Miral darted after him, only to swing down and take his legs out from under him. Immediately, she covered him with her own body, pinning him to the ground as she pressed his companion's blade to his throat. It was still bore the warm of death.

"Who are you?" she shouted. The blade pressed that much more, biting into the skin to draw blood.

Through the cuts that seeped blood across his face and into his eyes, he managed to see Miral. Green eyes regarded her, the defeat evident. Rather than answer her. He grabbed her blade and pulled it towards him, nicking the artery just under the surface. He bled out rather than give her or her daughter an answer.

Miral sat up in shock, regarding the corpse she straddled. He was already dead.

"Mama!" her daughter cried out, running for Miral.

The mother took her daughter into her arms, but could not feel the life of her embrace. Instead, all she could feel was the chill of death seep in all around her.

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