Power Alterations - Standalone

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Thu Feb 21, 2019 2:28 pm

Season - Southern Autumn | Northern Spring 2049
Time - Late Evening
Locations - Benden Weyr | Weyrleader's Apartment

Attention Staff - just linking you to make you aware that this change is occurring for Miral
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Miral awoke to the suffocating scent of musk clinging to the air. Revoluted by the stench, eyes open to regard the origin of it.

A man.

He lay there, in her bed, by her side, bare of all, eyes closed, mouth open, the faint sound of repose escaping him. An arm curled up and around his dark head, Miral spotted the pit of his arm swarming with course wiry hair. It faced her, bestowing her with a stench strong enough to set her nose ablaze. Vaguely did she recall why such a smell led to this moment. At the time, it was merely an innocent accumulation of sweat from hours of drilling. It pulled at her, an instinct difficult for her to disregard when the demands of flight lust continued to course through her veins, making her run hot for him. Tantalised by the promise of more, she accepted his offer to cure her of the fierce ache that plagued her. The smell lifted from his skin when she ran her mouth along his throat, thick and sour, intensifying as they surged together. The smell of their exertions intoxicated her, causing her to succumb to primal urges, driving her mad as she gasped with pleasure.

Now the stench repulsed her.

And what flight led to this moment for her to share her bed with this man?

Linith, I lost her, Myrath brooded in her thoughts. I have failed my Weyr. I have failed you.

Lips pressed at the news, though she did not answer her dragon immediately. The implications of his failure and the inevitable consequences of them were recognised by her. It weighed heavily upon her chest as though they had manifested into a beast and sat upon her menacingly. Without her Weyrleadership, she no longer had the clout required to deal with both Walled and Cador. Without the clout, Walled would not keep their end of the bargain. If Walled did not keep their end of the bargain, harm would come to Irali once again.

When her thoughts finally found Myrath, it was not in an act of forgiveness, but in an act of overcoming. We will need to send Irali to New Atricis immediately.

And what about us?

Naturally, we will leave as well. Turns they had made a life for themselves in Benden Weyr, but no more. Their time at the Weyr had come to an end, with a brisk conclusion to their pinnacle achievement. It was too short lived, but life moved one. Irali would need to be their focus now, and Miral would do everything in her power to keep her daughter safe. We will need a sevenday to transfer over. Help the new Weyrleader slip into his role- New. His. Though Miral new with absolute certainty the new Weyrleader would be male, she also suspected he would also be new and inexperienced in the role. After all, Peira and Linith were far too clever to ever let F'nyh become Weyrleader again. Yet it did raise the question - Who is the new Weyrleader?

J'lek and Kiandath, the zultanite snorted. It seemed his ego was far too bruised to see the good in the news he just passed to Miral.

Jora. Mul'rec's own nephew. Irali's cousin. Son of Ma'lek, young, bronzerider, Wingleader. Reasonable. This would only bode well for Miral if the need called for it.

The promise of the new Weyrleader was enough to draw the former Weyrleader out of bed, abandoning the revolting male in her bed.

Awoken by the motion, eyes slit open to regard her as she stepped across her room to gather her things. "You're awake, Weyrleader," he asked, the purr in his voice an undeniable askance for an encore.

But Miral was not in the mood. "Former Weyrleader," she corrected him. From a hook on the wall, she retrieved a silk robe and tied it about her, concluding their affair.


She slipped over to her desk to regard the remainder of her work from her recent position. "Yes, former." The hides were collected by her before she settled down. "If I was still Weyrleader, I would have kept better company." Rather than regard him, she looked at the hide as an indicator that he was being dismissed from her presence.

Slowly, and with a notable element of offence in his demeanour, he moved out of her bed without a word. He sulked in a manner similar to Myrath, with an ego just as bruised, yet in silence he licked his wounds as he dressed and left her. Once the door clicked shut, Miral reached back to Myrath. Send for Yonolla.

There would be no rest tonight, though J'lek would have to wait until the morning.


"You called for me," her sister greeted her as she found a seat in the living room. Already, Miral had begun to pack, with a focus on Irali's own possessions. "I take it your loss will not go over well with Walled."

"Agreed," Miral replied as she set several books away into a small crate where she had already added other items of Irali's.

"Does Cador know?"

"Likely." Miral needed to assume at this point that he did.

"And Mul'rec?"

Miral delayed her response as she fitted the books into the crate. "I have yet to write to him, though Mul'rec always seems to have an ear fluttering about in here." The zultaniterider had no doubt he knew all ready.

A sigh answered her. "Without Weyrleadership, Walled might renegade on the agreement between you two."

"Not so long as they have confidence in J'lek's ability to maintain those relations."

"And the rest of it?"

Pressed lips replied. The books placed, Miral crossed the room to the mantle where she had placed her glass of wine, and retrieved it for a sip. "I can do the rest, assuming they fulfil their end of the bargain first." She replaced the glass, and returned to her packing. "I will need to go to Walled immediately to speak with the Mother."

"Is that wise?"

"No, but it is necessary." She would dress into her gear and leave with Yonolla-

The puff of a creature emerging from between stole their attention. A fancy flit danced in the air before it deposited a note and slipped back between.

"What was that?" Yonolla asked.

"A fancy flit," Miral answered as she broke the seal to the letter. Eyes scanned the content.

Yonolla kept silent, at least for a time. She gave her sister long enough time to read the entirety of it. "Who's it from?"

"The Mother."

The bluerider shifted on her feet, and crossed her arms. "And what does it say?"

Icy eyes regarded the letter, reading what it said, and what it did not. It elevated her discomfort with the southern faction, and yet... it assured her as well. "It says that our agreement remains intact."

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