When Mountains Fall [Part 4]

All the rest of the Northern Continent that Atricis left behind. Atricis' old Holds can be found within, as well as all the other Holds and Weyrs and old lands left behind.
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Missives were sent quickly when it was made aware too New Atricis’ Leadership that Igen’s Leadership was failing their struggling people. Ravaged by a tremendous earthquake and further weakened by illness, now that they knew about what was going on, it was time to step in. If the Igen’s Leaders were going to be too prideful to reach out for help, then New Atricis would make them get help.

It took a few days, but the plans for a meeting was made. The Northern Weyrs would be involved as it was a Northern Weyr that was in such need of intervention. New Atricis Weyr would be included as well, due to being the Weyr that was first informed of Igen’s state. At Benden Weyr, the Golds and Bronzes of the other Leaders appeared over the Bowl. They each found their spaces to land to deposit their riders near the great meeting hall of the prosperous Benden Weyr. It was there that the Leading pairs of seven Weyrs gathered, each donned appropriately for their positions, their ranking shoulderknots clear upon their shoulders as they took their seats.

”It has been brought to our attention,” J’lek, Weyrleader of Benden Weyr, began, being the hosting Weyrleader, “that Igen Weyr is in need of outside aid. Between an earthquake and an illness, the Weyr is struggling, but hasn’t reached out for aid. It is the New Atricis Leaders that have made us aware of the state of Igen, and I will now give the floor to them to fill us in further.” J’lek seated himself, giving Safryn and L’van the change to stand and inform everyone of what they had been made aware.

It was then that the Atricis Leaders filled in the rest of the Leaders of Northern Pern what was going on in Igen. Talking about the pair of riders that had appeared, desperate for aid for their home Weyr. They also mentioned that during that time, the ill rider that had shown up and been allowed to stay in the Weyr has drastically improved. When the Atrician Leaders stated how Igen’s Leaders were refusing to aid their people, T’dar, Igen’s Weyrleader, jumped from his seat.

”Now wait just a candlemark here,” he immediately blustered, ”We are aiding our people to the best of our ability! You make it sound as if we are doing nothing. The healers stationed within our Weyr are working around the clock, and the still strong are cleaning up our Weyr. We aren’t just sitting on our tails while our people suffer!” He glared at the Atrician Leaders.

”With all due respect, T’dar,” it was L'van who spoke, and while he was calm in the face of a man he would have liked to have said so much more to, his words were sharp and cutting. "If you were doing enough, then why did two riders of Igenite blood feel it necessary to sprint South seeking aid on your behalf?"

”How dare you!" The Igenite man snarled. "They shouldn’t even be part of this meeting, they left the North a long time ago,” He looked ready to circle the table, and just as he was about to, J’lek stood again.

”Enough, T’dar, please be seated.” Once T’dar sat, it was Weyrwoman Peira who took the floor. “The fact of the matter is, T’dar, Aglaia, you have been failing your people. Whether it be pride, or just plain stubbornness, the fact is you have refused to make any other Weyr aware of your need for aid, so much that a pair of your riders felt they had to go to New Atricis for help. What we’re here to decide, however, is who shall aid Igen Weyr. It is not safe for the Igenites to remain within their Weyr, at least for the time being.”

From there, the meeting continued, with all the Leaders considering what to do. Clearly, the Igenites couldn’t remain within their Weyr, as Peira had suggested, but what could be done? Misplacing an entire Weyr was a complicated affair. So many people, so many dragons, and many of the Weyrs had limited space and resources. On top of that, what about the Threadfall for Igen’s area? They had been lucky, no Thread had fallen since before the earthquake, but that still wouldn’t last forever.

Suggestions were made, arguments had, it was a long process. Ista Weyr could take some of the Igenites, as could Benden Weyr, though only some because they were already so populated. Fort and High Reaches could also each take some in as well, while Telgar only had the resources for a relatively small number. No one was expected to take on more than they could handle though, with New Atricis Weyr stepping up to take on the brunt of the Weyr, especially all of the ill that they hoped would improve in the South as the first ill rider had. New Atricis didn’t have to Fight Thread nearly as much as the North had to, so they had more time to devote to their resources, and they weren’t as rigid in their maximum capacity of dragons as the stone Weyrs of the North were. When it was discussed that T'dar and Aglaia should be stripped of their ranks for the grievous lack of action for their Weyr, T'dar lost it.

”This is outrageous!” T’dar boomed in indignation when it seemed everyone was just going to let his riders go to Atricis and take his rank. Before he could continue though, both J’lek and Peira stood and gave him a stern look.

”What is outrageous, T’dar, is that you have forced our hands in such a way. Your people need help, you have many ill that may improve in the South. They will be going to New Atricis Weyr, no matter how much you bluster and yell. Your Weyr is in an official state of emergency, and while you are here as Leaders as a courtesy, you have both lost the right to dictate what happens to the people that were dependent on your leadership. It is up to all the Weyrs of Pern to help your people now."

For a moment T'dar stared down the Benden Weyrleaders, and everyone watched, wondering if T'dar was going to attack someone or invoke an honor duel. A few fellow Leaders began to rise from their seats, and Aglaia put a hand on T'dar.

"They're right, T'dar. We have failed. It must be taken out of our hands," she hoped to convince him, her brow furrowed and her lips pulled in a frown at the truth of her own statement. T'dar looked at Aglaia as if she had betrayed him, but also saw some of the other Leaders rising from their chairs. He was outnumbered. He sat back down.

"So it is decided," Peira continued, "the ill and those that the other Weyrs cannot take in will be going to New Atricis Weyr. Everyone is expected to send representatives for your Weyrs within the next few days to get the Igenites out and safe as soon as possible. The Queens of Igen will be spread out between the Northern Weyrs so no one Weyr has to take them and risk overpopulating their Weyr.”

T’dar huffed. ”Fine, then New Atricis will take the recent Weyrling group too, including the young Queen who’s rider is also ill.”

Admittedly, a few looked a little surprised, that after all his complaining and frustration during these proceedings that T’dar would outright suggest that Igen’s newest dragons, including the young Queen, go to New Atricis specifically. It was accepted though, especially since the young Queen’s rider was ill, so she needed to be South, even if New Atricis didn’t need more Queens right now. It didn’t matter though, what mattered was aiding the people of Igen Weyr.

The rest of the meeting was figuring out the logistics of the whole plan, including which Weyrs will take over which area of Igen’s protectorate. They also discussed potential plans to check the Weyr's integirty after such a massive earthquake rattled it, likely going to request aid for that endeavor from Crom's Miners and Wherhandlers, and Telgar's Smiths. A break for a meal had to be taken in the meeting, before the Leaders all continued at it again. It was late before the meeting was called and everyone was dismissed. Everyone gave their proper respects to Benden’s Leadership for hosting the meeting, with some Leaders spending the night in the Weyr, while others chose to return to their own Weyrs.

Before long, New Atricis would be taking in those that needed help. It looked good for them, kind, and helpful, but the Leaders weren’t naive either. They knew there was a chance it could bite them in the tails, but they had to do it, they were the best equipped to take on so many, and those Igenite riders had come to them for help originally.
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