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Here is where all those that deal with the mysterious Pearls of Pern can be found. This includes Riders, Candidates, Pearlings, etc.
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Username: Ainokesshou
Character Number: 11
Character Name: Sol'vis (birth name Soleius)
Gender: male
Age: 23 (Late Autumn 2025-)
Ranking Position: Journeyman Woodsmith/Pearling
Residence: The Flotilla
Origin: Lemos Hold
Health: Robust
Skills & Abilities
Level of Craft: Journeyman
(Hears All Dragonkin)
The ability to hear the mental speech of all dragons, whers, daywhers, or pearls is an extremely rare gift and thus, is very rarely seen in people. Because of how special this ability is, this item counts as 2 points and is limited to 1 per route per player. This item has four routes (pick one):
Dragons: Can fully hear the mindspeech of all nearby Dragons and very mildly hear the mindspeech of a few nearby pearls.
Whers: Can fully hear the mindspeech of all nearby Whers and very mildly hear the mindspeech of a few nearby daywhers.
Daywhers: Can fully hear the mindspeech of all nearby Daywhers and very mildly hear the mindspeech of a few nearby whers.

Pearls: Can fully hear the mindspeech of all nearby Pearls and very mildly hear the mindspeech of a few nearby dragons.

This allows you to create a character that has a blood tie to a prestigious bloodline. Such as the chilld, sibling, or other relative of Lord/Lady Holders, Master Crafters, Weyrleaders, Weyrwomen and Queenriders. Tunnel Leaders and Tunnel Matriarch are included. Exception to needing this token would be if you were the player of one of those ranking characters and the new character is their child.
Bonded Dragonkin: White pearlet Ramlahvas
Father: L'van
Stepfather: Marcus (1994-)
Mother: Solace (2007-)
Stepbrother: Caerus (2014-)
Stepsister: Marina, journeywoman weaver (27 turns, 2019-)
Stepsister: Alina (22 turns 2025-)
Half-sister: Marla (17 turns, 2029-)
Half-sister: Lacey (15 turns, 2031-)

Through L'van:

Niece Shiravani, Ex-handler (2024-)

Half-brothers: K'rios, Assistant Candidatemaster (2013-)
F'laan, pyriterider (2015-)
Half-sisters: Lerina, brownrider (2027-)
Sunaia, sport weyrling (2028-)

And many others, see L'van's profile for other characters that Soleius is related to through him.

Lover(s): None that you can prove....Ok, despite the candidacy rules, Soleius has not made it to the age of 22 without any experience. But he HAS been careful. There have been a few other candidates, of both genders, but it has never been more than light fun.

Bronze-brown Fire-lizard/Starlizard hybrid
Frankly, Soleius should look forgettable. His permanently disheveled brown hair is a very ordinary color, his facial features symmetric but average. He is of average height, with the lightly muscled build that is standard of a society where almost everyone has to do some sort of manual labor every day. There is no specific feature that should draw the eye or be retained in memory.

Until he smiles. Or laughs, or makes some ridiculous, over-the-top expression with his very mobile face. But especially when he smiles. Because the crooked corner of his mouth and the amusement in his eyes take Soleius straight past memorable to endearing. It's an expression that is a mixture of adorable scamp and inviting rogue, and it has gotten him out of trouble and into beds since he was old enough to pull it off. His smile makes it easy to forgive him any small mistake, or overlook some corners he has cut in his efforts. His sometimes exaggerated body language is part of how he gets younger candidates to laugh when they are nervous or scared, but it works on adults, as well. Overall, he just seems to take up more space than he physically should, just as he is more memorable than he logically should be.

Soleius doesn't seem to care much about what he wears, but that isn't quite true. He prefers clothing that does not wrinkle easily, or show stains, because it eliminates worries about putting it away carefully, and means that his occasional clumsiness or carelessness doesn't ruin his wardrobe. So he wears dark colors, in coarse fabrics that look sturdy enough to stand up to hard work, ironic for a man who avoids that as much as possible. He has given up trying to tame his hair, because it is only cooperative when it short, and he hates how it looks short, so he always looks like he just rolled out of bed. He looks like a general laborer, and even his hands support that conclusion, with the nicks and scrapes of someone who works with wood constantly appearing on his knuckles or the back of his hands.
"I was raised to be charming, not sincere." Cinderella's Prince, Into the Woods, Stephen Sondheim

Soleius can get himself into and out of trouble with little more than a wink and a smile. He flirts effortlessly, and is not always aware that he is doing it. He is not a heartbreaker, as he never engages with any real depth when he flirts, but he can make a person feel special with a few minutes of attention. He has been in several lighthearted relationships, without any anger on either side when they ended, and without any resentment or irritation from previous partners. He is just too easy-going and friendly to stay upset at for long, especially since he never makes any promises, or says anything negative about anyone.

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." Robert Heinlein

Soleius doesn't exactly avoid work, he just avoids work that he thinks is silly. Why do people have to make their beds every morning? They'll just mess it up again that night, and there's rarely a reason for anyone else to see it in between. He learned after multiple scoldings during the early turns of his candidacy, that if he slept on top of his covers, it was easier to straighten the few wrinkles that developed than to straighten the entire bed. (The "extra" blanket he used during winter months was allowed to just be folded, the inspection was not as rigid, and it was less work than making the entire bed.) This also reduced how frequently he needed to change linens - basically only when someone else noticed it had been a while. After all, if he wasn't using them, they weren't getting dirty.

Soleius is similarly - efficient - with the effort he puts into other tasks. Why scrub a pot if you can leave it soaking and come back to it later? Why cut up a vegetable before cooking it, when it will break into small pieces on its own if you cook it long enough? Is there anything unsafe about the skin on a tuber, why do we have to peel it if not? Can anyone actually taste the difference once you boil it and mash it? He doesn't object to doing the truly necessary work to keep people healthy and safe, only the work that seems repetitive and redundant.

The one area in which Soleius is not lazy is his craft. While he has not made any progress during his candidacy in learning how to make useful things from wood, he has spent a great deal of time on artistic carving, and is sure that if he ever returns to woodsmithing, he will at least be able to make attractive items, even if he has a lot to learn about making furniture that is strong and stable.

"I believe in kindness. Also in mischief. Also in singing, especially when singing is not necessarily prescribed." Mary Oliver

Life is too short to take everything seriously. Certainly, some things are important, and serious, but at any other time, as many people should be relaxed as possible. This doesn't always mean laughter, but if people are stressed, Soleius wants to find a way to decrease the tension. If there's a candidate smuggling weak ale into the barracks, sneaking litters of kittens into the beds of newly Searched children, or singing off-key bawdy songs while doing chores or in the bath house, you can expect it to be Soleius. If there's a joke to be made at his expense, he's the one that's going to make it. While he's more than happy to flirt with intent, he's just as happy to flirt in a public, over-the-top way to make himself ridiculous and hopefully deflect attention from someone else who is stressed out.

"It's the hard things that break; soft things don't break." C. JoyBell C.

While Soleius will cheerfully make jokes at his own expense, he is never malicious. He occasionally teases people, but he does it carefully, testing the waters with self-deprecation before making private jabs that he hopes feel inclusive and friendly. He has missed the mark a time or two, but by being so careful, he never misses by much, and can easily correct. If he can get a person who was upset laughing about their troubles, he can at least make them feel better for a few minutes, even if nothing is solved. With the newest candidates, sometimes a little bit of laughter is all it takes to get them past their homesickness. Sometimes he thinks that the only good thing about being a candidate for so many turns is that he is able to give the new candidates help in dealing with a new place, and with the worries and fears about Hatchings.
2025-Marcus and Solace married just a few sevendays after the death of Marcus' first wife in childbirth, and just a few sevendays before Soleius' birth. However, she moved in almost immediately, because her milk came in early and she was able to feed her newborn step-daughter to be even though her first child had not been born. The tongues wagged, and Marcus was much derided for his perceived infidelity to his first wife. Soleius grew up with the common assumption that his mother's husband was his father, but they knew differently, and his older brother Caerus suspected the same. Solace had become pregnant after some excesses at a Gather with a handsome older bronzerider. Perhaps she had hoped he would sweep her off her feet back to the Weyr to become a candidate. Perhaps she had just been looking for a pleasant evening. Regardless, when Marcus had a newborn baby and no wife to take care of her, and Solace had a growing belly and no husband to support her and the baby, a friendly business arrangement was made.

2029-Apparently, the friendly business arrangement finally became more friendly, and Soleius' younger sister Marla was born.

2031- The first time he met a dragon, Soleius had six turns, and the two of them were equally charmed by each other. Solace barely avoided becoming Marcus's second wife to die in childbirth, but the healer who saved her life informed her she must stop at three. He left to another emergency a-dragon back. The blue snuffled and nuzzled at Soleius before he was pulled back by his rider. "The kid's too young," the man laughed, though he did talk briefly to Marcus about the child. After that, barely a season went by without a dragon finding some excuse to notice the boy, who claimed that the dragons felt fuzzy in his head, and was always happy to see them.

2035- At ten turns, Soleius and his parents decided which Weyr he would agree to be Searched by, because at this point, several had expressed interest. Caerus agreed to go on ahead to Atricis Weyr, and surprised everyone with his first letter back, stating that he had accidentally bonded with a wher. Soleius became even more certain of his place at Atricis Weyr, but agreed with his father to wait a few turns and get a good start on an apprenticeship before going. He confounded the man with his interest in woodsmithing, though, instead of his father's craft of tanning.

2039- At fourteen turns, well started in his apprenticeship, Soleius finally left for New Atricis Weyr. He began standing for several Hatchings, and though numerous hatchlings expressed interest in him before eventually choosing another, he never Impressed. In his third Hatching, he was moderately injured by a clumsy brown hatchling that was trying to move past him. He got a scar on his leg, but it healed completely, and he shows no sign of the injury in his movement.

2042- At seventeen turns, Soleius watched his older brother start a relationship with the just aged-out Audra, a journeyman harper. She seemed nice, and he was rather sad when she ultimately left the Weyr. Soleius had been rather hoping that there would be cute nieces and nephews for him to play with while he waited to Impress. He knew that his parents had met her after she left, and they continued to write to her afterward, so he held out hope that when she reached a rank high enough for a steady posting, she would return to his brother.

2045-For his twentieth Name-day, while he was growing frustrated with the fact that he had spent six years as a candidate without Impressing, Caerus gave Soleius an egg that he and Caerusk found on patrol, after chasing off the tunnel-snake that had devoured the rest of the clutch. Soleius had been planning to go watch the pearl Hatching, but his own little egg started hatching before he could leave, so he stayed behind with his new pet, and missed out on witnessing the first mass pearl Impressions. He was only a little disappointed when he heard, wondering if he would have been one of the lucky ones, if that was why he still hadn't Impressed.

2046- At twenty-one turns, Soleius heard about his brother's serious injury and loss of his wher while he was in lessons. He rushed to the infirmary, to learn that Caerus would likely survive, and immediately wrote a letter to his parents, sending it with his pet. While Caerus later scolded him for sending that letter without checking with him first, and carefully limiting what it said, he stood by his decision. He's been struggling with new knowledge that he has kept to himself while watching his brother heal, however. A few sevendays after Caerus woke, Solace managed to beg a ride to New Atricis Weyr to confirm that her stepson would survive, and saw a very familiar bronze sunning himself. On learning that was the Weyrleader's dragon, she resolved herself to ignore the man, until the rider made a comment about how many of the Atrician riders were his children. Suddenly, the possibility of grandchildren popped into her head, and she realized that her son needed to know exactly which of the Weyr residents should be off limits to him. Given that he was pretty sure he had flirted with more than one of his half-siblings (thank Faranth that flirting was as far as it got!) he had to agree that he needed to know. He was aware that she had also tracked down the Weyrleader to inform him, but he had no idea how that meeting had gone, and had done his best to avoid having any sort of conversation with the man in the sevendays since.
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Name: Ramlahvas
Color: Rose-White
Color Code: #E5E5E5, #9A9A9A, #FED0B8, #db7970
Age: Pearlet
Size: 49 ft when full grown. (Bulk Class)
Status: Half-grown
For whatever reason, some Pearls develop bioluminescent spots as they grow that can be compared to that of Starlizard bioluminescence in ways. These spots of bioluminescence shows most often on the ends of the back and tail fins/frills, sometimes on the ends of their head horns, and sometimes as medium to small spots on the body that are clearly defined but don’t take up more than 25% of their overall body. These spots will also glow with their eye moods, reflecting their moods in the color of their luminescence, making them an effective way to communicate visually in the water or from a distance.
Restriction in its use with Sonar Expert
Useable on Pearls
This ability uses 1 Point

Dragonkin with this ability can sense minds of both dragonkin and humans nearby. Though the range of sensing isn't large and really is only within the immediate area of the dragonkin, they will automatically be aware of other souls close without having to see or smell or hear them.
Useable on All Dragonkin
This ability uses 1 Point
Ramlahvas has a friendly greeting for everyone at all times. She knows all the members of her glint by name, and is happiest when she spends time with several of them every day. Sol'vis is of course her favorite, but because he can talk to them all easily too, she doesn't see any conflict in starting conversations with her clutch-sibs, the older pearls, or even occasionally other human glint members. There is always someone to talk to, and something to talk about.
While the first impression she left was of a pearl who didn't mind being covered in sand, Ramlahvas actually cares quite a bit about cleanliness and order. She gets a bit irritated if she can feel anything a bit off about her hide, and Sol'vis has gotten used to fitting a quick inspection into his lunch break every day so he can confirm that she is sparkling clean.
There are definitely times when Sol'vis thinks that his pearl is more reasonable than he is. Certainly, she is more calm and steady than he ever has been, though he has been improving in that regard since arriving at the flotilla, and especially since Impressing. Even though there is a lot she doesn't understand yet, and perhaps never will, she asks questions that make her rider reconsider unwise choices. Her skepticism and confusion when he makes bad calls has led him to be a little more responsible to keep her happy.
Ramlahvas cannot see a member of her glint upset without trying to do something about it. Of course, her understanding of why human glint members are upset is somewhat limited, and she is inclined to offer comforts as if the person were a pearl, but most human glint members should be able to understand the offer of a freshly caught fish, or a firm nudge with a head to be a kind gesture.


Ramlahvas will grow into a fairly large pearl, muscular and broad. But the pink tones to her hide will grant her a more delicate illusion, at least as long as she isn't contrasted with one of her smaller glint-mates. The sparkly spots on her skin that had been mistaken for sand when she hatched soon revealed themselves as actual luminescent spots, so even in the deep water, she has a gentle rosy glow. Sol'vis is fond of pointing out that she looks like a giant glowing flower,

The Blinding Sandstorm Pearling
White Pearl

-:- Impressed to -:-
Soleius (Ainokesshou)
-:- Personality -:-
Sociable, Meticulous, Sensible, Caring, Protective
-:- Final Size -:-
49 ft.
#E5E5E5, #9A9A9A, #FED0B8, #db7970
Like the dusty shades of a desert sunrise, this one was graced with a beautiful Rose Overtone to her hide. Like with many Whites, the darker marks on her body have pulled the overtone more intensely, giving the swirling of dark gray an obviously rosy tint, while the rest of her body is a more subtle blush color save for the lightest specks of her and the darker specks of her with the more rose tint. This really makes her look like the desert sands she was first compared to as the light glitters off her as the sun sometimes glitters off every grain of sand.
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