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The main, central area of the Weyr, since it's no longer a "bowl" like before, people have taken to calling it the courtyard, or more often, the Weyr Yard. Dragons land and take off here while people walk from building to building going along their daily duties.
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If the aunties hadn't been such gossips, T'rav may never have known or suspected. But once the kernel of an idea was planted in his mind, there was no digging it away and tossing it aside. There were rumors among some of them in the creche as to the paternity of his granddaughter. Some seemed to insist she belonged to a fellow from Igen. After all, they said, she looked just like him, and one need only see the way he looked at the girl's mother to know that there had been something there at some point in time.

So T'rav had found this young man, observed him, saw what they saw, perhaps drawn up his own conclusions as to what he thought about the matter. Whether it was the truth or not, he needed answers. There were things that Shiravani hadn't told him about her time away that he wanted to know - like how she had survived - and perhaps this weyrling, as he was, would have some idea as to how it had happened.

He gave it some time, not wanting to startle the man or his young dragon, but the moment he had Impressed not one, but two little firelizards, well... he knew it was as good a chance as ever to make his approach. Marileth tried to warn him against causing problems, and the man insisted that wasn't what he was setting out to do. He was merely trying to look out for the welfare of his blood, important blood to him in fact. Whether that was true or not in the blue's mind remained a secret to him, and he simply sat back and observed, ready to swoop in if necessary.

Once T'rav managed to corner L'ex, however, he grasped the younger man's shoulder and gave it a squeeze, just enough pressure to tell him that there was something that needed to be discussed without having to say a word. "We're going to take a walk, and you're going to tell me a few things." He said simply, thinking that the younger man knew who he was. He would find out in a few moments, a breath or two really, whether that was factual or not.

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It hadn't been long since L'ex had gotten his little...friends. And it had not been anything like what the poems and tales had implied. The little bronze, which he had dubbed Amator, was...alright, he was honestly kind of a jerk. It seemed like daily he drew blood from the weyrling. But he wasn't about to give up on him. He had heard that firelizards would go feral if they didn't want to be with their person, and so far the bronze was coming back for food, and slept in the man's presence at night, so maybe there was hope there. But he never rode his shoulder or anything. And the other one, the blue dubbed Sajan, was often present around L'ex, and often perched up on the man's shoulder, usually regally posing as if he was a majestic sculpture.

It was one of those rare moments when both flitts were with him when a firm hand closed on the young man's shoulder. Sajan squawked in surprise, dug his claws into L'ex's shoulder as he tumbled down the man's arm, leaving little red lines that sluggishly tried to bleed, just good scratches. The blue, and the bronze chittered irritatingly towards the strange man that had grabbed L'ex, but stayed well out of reach.

For his part, L'ex froze, then turned, confusion covering his face, ”A-alright? Did I do something wrong, sir?” Who was this man? From his knots, he was a rider, and from his demeanor, it felt like the weyrling had done something wrong. But he didn't recall doing anything he wasn't supposed to. In fact, he was rather good at following the rules, did his best in lessons, loved taking care of Astropheth. L'ex honestly couldn't think of why he would be in trouble. As they started walking though, the man steering him slightly with the hand on his shoulder, it felt more personal than that. But he didn't recognize the rider.
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